Saturday, September 19, 2009

The UP Checklist

That's why if I have enough time, I make sure to drop by UP, even if it's just for jogging or just to see my former orgmates. And I'll make sure that if I finally have my own camera, it is UP that'll be my first object.:)
And to pay a tribute to my beloved alma mater, I answered a "survey" that can be all about my stay in the state U.

[ ] Worried about getting bullied by fratmen or getting killed in a riot.
[ ] Got bullied by fratmen or was killed in a riot.
[ ] Witnessed a riot.
[✔] Watched the Oblation Run.
[✔] Made friends with a teacher.

[ ] Was tricked as a freshman into attending a rally/prayer meeting.
[✔] Wore red or black on one of those wear red or wear black days.
[ ] Wore red on Valentine’s Day.
[ ] Wore black on Valentine's Day. --hindi naman ako ganun ka-bitter.haha!
[ ] Celebrated a birthday at Mang Jimmy's.
[ ] Learned UP Naming Mahal. -I'll memorize it sometime. Promise!
[ ] Was an RA (registration assistant) or SA.
[ ] Lied or begged to an RA for a slot in class.
[ ] Participated in a there's-only-one-more-slot
-are you-feeling-lucky?
[✔✔✔] Jogged around the campus. - naman! I am for healthy living and I love being around UP during early mornings.

[✔ ] Visited the Vargas Museum. - kahit wala pa ako sa UP, nakapunta na ako rito. Field trip namin nung 3rd year highschool.
[ ] Knew at least one xerox lady, manong, or technician by name.
[ ✔] Attended university level graduation. -I won't let that "once in a lifetime" opportunity escape me.:)
[ ] Got an activist for a teacher.
[ ] Watched a La Salle vs. Ateneo UAAP game. - wala ako care sa kanila...hahaha

[✔] Watched a UP vs. any school basketball game. on TV -op kors!
[ ] Studied in CASAA.
[✔] Studied in McDonald's or Jollibee Philcoa for one full night and bought just one regular-sized drink.
[ ] Studied along Katipunan.
[ ] Studied along Katipunan and affected the mannerisms of a stereotypical Atenean.

[ ] Watch a play that's not required for Comm III.
[✔ ] Went stargazing.- with ETC people in the middle of Sunken Garden. How I wanted a repeat!:)
[✔] Ate in Chocolate Kiss, Tea Room (in CHE) or Chateau Verde. -sa Chokiss pa lang.
[ ] Slept in the lib.
[ ] Struck up a conversation with a taong grasa.

[ ✔] Wrote to/for the Collegian. - yung sa mga text comments kapag me issues sa kule.hahaha, pero once lang, na-publish naman.=))
[✔ ] Seriously pondered about the identity/ies of the people described in Eksenang Peyups. - at feeling ko nahuhulaan ko ng tama.hahaha
[✔] Went to the chapel. - op kors! Every Sunday.
[ ] Got a pebble stuck in your shoe/slippers while walking in Sunken Garden.

[ ] Had a Voltes V for a teacher. - wala akong Math 17
[ ] Took a class under Joseph Palis. - who's that?
[ ] Lied to the transcript lady to get a transcript earlier than the standard 3 months.
[✔] Went to a Freshman-only concert. -yup, nung Freshie ako, malamang, with my Kalai friends.:)
[ ] Subsisted on just streetfood (fishballs, half footlongs, kwekwek, squidballs/rolls, mais, dirty ice cream) for a day.

[ ] Learned how to smoke.
[✔] Went on an out-of-town trip with blockmates or orgmates.
[ ] Fell in love.
[✔] Actually read the book you keep borrowing from the lib. - para sa thesis eh hahaha
[ ] Played cards during your free time.

[✔] Dressed in business attire. - pag me event sa org, thesis defense
[ ] Sumabit sa jeep.
[ ] Got sung to or sung to someone in class during Valentine's day.
[✔ ] Watched the Lantern Parade.
[✔] Helped out a total stranger.

[] Helped out a total stranger because he/she was hot.
[✔] Learned to stay awake for more than 24 or 48 hours straight.
[ ] Got bullied by fratmen and feeling cool wannabe people who were actually losers.
[✔] Took Monday and/or Sat classes.-nung Wed. pa yung free day, I took Table Tennis scheduled on Wednesdays.
[ ] Volunteered for the pahinungod.

[ ] Ate "tasteless white sauce" pasta from cock-a-noodle-doo. -Saan yun?
[ ] Got a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[ ] Got held up or pickpocketed.
[✔ ] Felt depressed because you were not as good academically as you were in high school.
[✔] Did a last minute paper. -sa thesis draft.haha

[ ] Had spent a lot for 1x1 ID pictures.
[✔] Got exempted from final exams.
[ ] Got exempted from a final exam but still took it.
[✔ ] Attended a varsity pep rally.
[ ] Watched LIVE AIDS, Androgyny, Maskipaps or any well-known variety show.
[ ] Promised to quit smoking.
[✔] Got into at least one (org- or council-sponsored) adventure race. --EURACE
[✔] Knew where the best restrooms are on campus. - Econ restroom.hehe
[✔] Joined an org.
[✔] Allowed yourself to make mistakes. -ayy, hindi lang ako once nagkamali.

[ ] Went to the gym in spite of having no PE class just to ogle varsity players/cute boys/hot girls.
[✔] Took summer classes. -EEEEVVVEEEERRRY SUMMER
[✔] Admired the Oblation.
[✔] Made a video for a project. -STS and French 140
[✔] Had a crush on a teacher. - haha. Si Prof Bamboo ng Bio Dept.

[ ] Had a teacher who had a crush on/tried to court you.
[ ] Attended your ROTC Bivouac.
[ ] Faked sickness to get an absence excused.
[ ] Got your car scratched by one of those "Kuya bantayan ko kotse niyo".
[ ] Took a PE class where you had to pay for tuition.

[✔] Went to school in your crappiest yet most comfy clothes.- at dahil diyan, inaaway ako ni Sir Baizas.
[✔] Learned how to use the Bayantel pay phones.-for Marketing at para magtawag ng speakers sa talks
[✔] Participated in school activities.-UP Fair (?) at USC Elections
[ ] Caught the UP Pep Tryouts.

[ ] Dated someone from UP.
[✔] Rode an IKOT and TOKI.
[✔] Found a tambayan.
[ ] Went drinking at Sarah's.
[ ] Learned how to beg for a higher grade.

[✔] Used your 6 allowable absences wisely.
[✔] Lived in a dorm.-during my whole stay in UP
[ ] Volunteered to be beadle or go-to guy for your group.
[✔ ] Had the worst schedule. - during my last sem in UP. Got a class from 5:30pm-7pm
[ ] Realized that there really is just one coconut tree on the sunken garden.

[ ✔] Not used up all 6 allowable absences.
[ ] Ate in ISSI, Treehouse, Mama Thai's and other more obscure cafeterias.
[✔] Ate food Aristocart-style.
[✔] Is active in your org/s.
[✔] Attended an ACLE.

[✔] Got as many app forms as you can during the job fair.
[✔] Learned how to cram.
[✔] Sold tickets for (or watched) an org-sponsored movie premiere.
[✔] Saved money to photocopy all of your seatmate's notes.
[] Had accidentally seen a make-out session.

[✔] Slept in class.
[✔] Finished a homework/assignment/paper in the Shopping center or Philcoa.
[ ] Had mountains of "unused" sample exams and/or old testaments.
[✔ ] Resolved to be "better this semester".
[ ] Slept during a test.

[✔] Had groupmates from hell.
[✔] Learned how to work with groupmates from hell.
[ ] Perfected the art of parking on campus.
[ ] Had a bad encounter with one of the guards on campus.
[ ] Developed a love for sisig even before UP.

[✔] Practiced those UP cheers in the first meeting for PE class.
[ ] Looked at microfilms in the library or poked through archives.
[✔] Reserved a classroom, AVR, etc. for a class or org function.
[✔] Attended the UP Fair.
[✔] Went to a library other than your own college's to research
[✔] Lost a perfectly functioning umbrella.
[✔] Used consultation hours properly.
[✔] Went to the Guidance Office for real, heart-to-heart guidance.
[✔] Went to the infirmary.
[ ] Attended class with a hangover.
[ ] Drink beer or alcohol while inside UP grounds.

[✔] Walked all the way to Philcoa or Katipunan from UP.-can't forget that!
[ ] Buy frogs from NSRI or a Bio department.
[ ] Maxed out on the 6 allowed unexcused absences but DID NOT drop.
[ ] Got invited or pursued by a sorority or fraternity.
[✔] Wore slippers to school.
[ ] Had a professor who smoked in class.
[ ] Got diagnosed by the Infirmary as pregnant or infected with STD.

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