Monday, December 31, 2012

The successes and failures of 2012

I find it funny that people divide their lives by years when life is a continuum that is divided only by day and night. Nevertheless, I do the same.hehe To cap the year, I looked at my Wishlist for 2012 and see if I achieved some. Here's the list:

To conquer the 2012 FSO Exams I am very glad to have taken the FSO exam this year. Although I did not pass the entire exam and only reached the Written Part of the test, I take pride in having the guts to take on the challenge. It was an exhilarating experience. For now, I will not take the 2013 FSO exams. I am also still not sure if I will continue the journey towards becoming a diplomat, but we will see.
   To have my Master’s degree abroad I know that I will not achieve this wish within 2012, even in 2013 probably since I recently did not apply for any scholarship abroad due to various commitments that made me very busy. But this will remain a goal for the coming years and I pray that the universe will collide to help me attain this aim soon.

To have the house of our own – My family and I are still on the process of looking for a different place, a new home. I know that this search should be given a lot of effort and time, which I failed to provide. But this coming year will be different. I know that we will be on our way to find a house that fits our income and our dreams.hehe 

To invest – I am very proud to have invested my money this past year. Well, technically it was not a mutual fund or a UITF. I invested it in our store which participated in the Bahay ng Alumni Christmas bazaar for 2012. From just a concept in our minds, my sister and I concretized our plan to join a Christmas bazaar. Unfortunately, we were not able to watch the Lantern Parade and did not reach our target profit but still, it was a learning risk. We discovered that we need some product development because selling the products that we ourselves made is more profitable than just purchasing from wholesale sellers.

To learn the piano or the violin – The summer of 2012 was the time to learn the piano. As stated in a blog post before, I enrolled in a piano class. However, I haven’t practiced the instrument for some months. I need to refresh my knowledge and skills in the piano and learn more complex pieces so I can really say that I know how to play the piano.

To have a photo published in a magazine or a periodical – It is sad that the camera that I plan to use to produce quality photos had its LCD destroyed. I know it was an excuse but of course I would not like to submit low-quality photos for contests. I hope to have that camera fixed I can achieve this wish by 2013.

To have my written article be published – I do not know if there’s something wrong with me because I can’t seem to think of topics that I would really like to write on or that are publication-worthy. I shy away from writing something about myself or my life experiences but I also think that I am not the authority on writing on other topics. But someday, maybe I am knowledgeable enough on a topic that I will be asked to write something about it. For now, I will just practice, practice and practice.

To travel – I had the fortunate chance to travel to Burot beach and Calaruega Church in Batangas last August. It was just a single travel but I enjoyed it very much. I hope to have more travels and to give more time for travels this 2013.

To read at least 30 books – This year, I only finished two books (“Who moved my cheese?” and “Flipped”) because my time was spent on academic readings, which I do not count as books since they are only journal pieces. I already miss Murakami, Coelho and Lewis. But every time I start to read a novel, I feel guilty because I should be reading assigned articles for school. Well, that’s what you call prioritization.

To lose at least 5 kilos – This one is really a WISH. hehe I sort of monitored my weight the entire year and it did not change. At least it did not increase thanks to my decreased food intake. I should exercise more to be fit and have a healthier body not just diet on food.

Be more generous, helpful and loving as a person – I do not know if I have achieved this goal. It depends on the persons that know me and that I encounter frequently. Maybe I should ask them.hehe

Have a more personal relationship with God – I know I failed in this one. What a shame. I long for the days that I can feel like I can hear Him talking to me. I must also give Him more time and effort.

 Looks like there are more failures than successes. But I know I should not be disheartened. After all, there's still 2013. :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A celestial dream

Last night, I dreamed of stars on the sky. It was more than a dream. It felt real and seemed like I was very near them, that I can touch them and hold them in my hands. I hope that dream signifies that I will soon reach the stars, that I will soon achieve my dreams. Soon.

Long overdue: Lessons learned

Do not fall for someone you only chat with. Don't fall for words. Take note of the red flags and do not be let yourself be blinded...