Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An image of the devastation brought by the typhoon Ondoy. I got this photo from the site of the French daily Le Figaro. I extend my sincerest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones because of the typhoon. Putting oneself in their shoes, it can really be heartbreaking.

I remember when I was in first year highschool, it was the last day of October, we also experienced floods (take note: floods) in our place. We were living near a river and one day it rained so hard that the river reached the streets. The water was up to our necks. We barely saved our things.

Fortunately, we had a neighbor living in this large house with a second floor. We, together with our neighbors, stayed there, as far as my memory would allow me, for the rest of the night.

It was really a horrible experience. I remember being very sad because I was not able to save the stationery I collected since grade school. But looking back, we were still very fortunate because we were all safe and sound.

Mais voila! After two days after the first flood, we encountered another flood. But it doesn't compare to what the people experienced with Ondoy. People did not only lose properties but also the lives of their family and relatives. I hope in some way I can ease their pain.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The UP Checklist

That's why if I have enough time, I make sure to drop by UP, even if it's just for jogging or just to see my former orgmates. And I'll make sure that if I finally have my own camera, it is UP that'll be my first object.:)
And to pay a tribute to my beloved alma mater, I answered a "survey" that can be all about my stay in the state U.

[ ] Worried about getting bullied by fratmen or getting killed in a riot.
[ ] Got bullied by fratmen or was killed in a riot.
[ ] Witnessed a riot.
[✔] Watched the Oblation Run.
[✔] Made friends with a teacher.

[ ] Was tricked as a freshman into attending a rally/prayer meeting.
[✔] Wore red or black on one of those wear red or wear black days.
[ ] Wore red on Valentine’s Day.
[ ] Wore black on Valentine's Day. --hindi naman ako ganun ka-bitter.haha!
[ ] Celebrated a birthday at Mang Jimmy's.
[ ] Learned UP Naming Mahal. -I'll memorize it sometime. Promise!
[ ] Was an RA (registration assistant) or SA.
[ ] Lied or begged to an RA for a slot in class.
[ ] Participated in a there's-only-one-more-slot
-are you-feeling-lucky?
[✔✔✔] Jogged around the campus. - naman! I am for healthy living and I love being around UP during early mornings.

[✔ ] Visited the Vargas Museum. - kahit wala pa ako sa UP, nakapunta na ako rito. Field trip namin nung 3rd year highschool.
[ ] Knew at least one xerox lady, manong, or technician by name.
[ ✔] Attended university level graduation. -I won't let that "once in a lifetime" opportunity escape me.:)
[ ] Got an activist for a teacher.
[ ] Watched a La Salle vs. Ateneo UAAP game. - wala ako care sa kanila...hahaha

[✔] Watched a UP vs. any school basketball game. on TV -op kors!
[ ] Studied in CASAA.
[✔] Studied in McDonald's or Jollibee Philcoa for one full night and bought just one regular-sized drink.
[ ] Studied along Katipunan.
[ ] Studied along Katipunan and affected the mannerisms of a stereotypical Atenean.

[ ] Watch a play that's not required for Comm III.
[✔ ] Went stargazing.- with ETC people in the middle of Sunken Garden. How I wanted a repeat!:)
[✔] Ate in Chocolate Kiss, Tea Room (in CHE) or Chateau Verde. -sa Chokiss pa lang.
[ ] Slept in the lib.
[ ] Struck up a conversation with a taong grasa.

[ ✔] Wrote to/for the Collegian. - yung sa mga text comments kapag me issues sa kule.hahaha, pero once lang, na-publish naman.=))
[✔ ] Seriously pondered about the identity/ies of the people described in Eksenang Peyups. - at feeling ko nahuhulaan ko ng tama.hahaha
[✔] Went to the chapel. - op kors! Every Sunday.
[ ] Got a pebble stuck in your shoe/slippers while walking in Sunken Garden.

[ ] Had a Voltes V for a teacher. - wala akong Math 17
[ ] Took a class under Joseph Palis. - who's that?
[ ] Lied to the transcript lady to get a transcript earlier than the standard 3 months.
[✔] Went to a Freshman-only concert. -yup, nung Freshie ako, malamang, with my Kalai friends.:)
[ ] Subsisted on just streetfood (fishballs, half footlongs, kwekwek, squidballs/rolls, mais, dirty ice cream) for a day.

[ ] Learned how to smoke.
[✔] Went on an out-of-town trip with blockmates or orgmates.
[ ] Fell in love.
[✔] Actually read the book you keep borrowing from the lib. - para sa thesis eh hahaha
[ ] Played cards during your free time.

[✔] Dressed in business attire. - pag me event sa org, thesis defense
[ ] Sumabit sa jeep.
[ ] Got sung to or sung to someone in class during Valentine's day.
[✔ ] Watched the Lantern Parade.
[✔] Helped out a total stranger.

[] Helped out a total stranger because he/she was hot.
[✔] Learned to stay awake for more than 24 or 48 hours straight.
[ ] Got bullied by fratmen and feeling cool wannabe people who were actually losers.
[✔] Took Monday and/or Sat classes.-nung Wed. pa yung free day, I took Table Tennis scheduled on Wednesdays.
[ ] Volunteered for the pahinungod.

[ ] Ate "tasteless white sauce" pasta from cock-a-noodle-doo. -Saan yun?
[ ] Got a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[ ] Got held up or pickpocketed.
[✔ ] Felt depressed because you were not as good academically as you were in high school.
[✔] Did a last minute paper. -sa thesis draft.haha

[ ] Had spent a lot for 1x1 ID pictures.
[✔] Got exempted from final exams.
[ ] Got exempted from a final exam but still took it.
[✔ ] Attended a varsity pep rally.
[ ] Watched LIVE AIDS, Androgyny, Maskipaps or any well-known variety show.
[ ] Promised to quit smoking.
[✔] Got into at least one (org- or council-sponsored) adventure race. --EURACE
[✔] Knew where the best restrooms are on campus. - Econ restroom.hehe
[✔] Joined an org.
[✔] Allowed yourself to make mistakes. -ayy, hindi lang ako once nagkamali.

[ ] Went to the gym in spite of having no PE class just to ogle varsity players/cute boys/hot girls.
[✔] Took summer classes. -EEEEVVVEEEERRRY SUMMER
[✔] Admired the Oblation.
[✔] Made a video for a project. -STS and French 140
[✔] Had a crush on a teacher. - haha. Si Prof Bamboo ng Bio Dept.

[ ] Had a teacher who had a crush on/tried to court you.
[ ] Attended your ROTC Bivouac.
[ ] Faked sickness to get an absence excused.
[ ] Got your car scratched by one of those "Kuya bantayan ko kotse niyo".
[ ] Took a PE class where you had to pay for tuition.

[✔] Went to school in your crappiest yet most comfy clothes.- at dahil diyan, inaaway ako ni Sir Baizas.
[✔] Learned how to use the Bayantel pay phones.-for Marketing at para magtawag ng speakers sa talks
[✔] Participated in school activities.-UP Fair (?) at USC Elections
[ ] Caught the UP Pep Tryouts.

[ ] Dated someone from UP.
[✔] Rode an IKOT and TOKI.
[✔] Found a tambayan.
[ ] Went drinking at Sarah's.
[ ] Learned how to beg for a higher grade.

[✔] Used your 6 allowable absences wisely.
[✔] Lived in a dorm.-during my whole stay in UP
[ ] Volunteered to be beadle or go-to guy for your group.
[✔ ] Had the worst schedule. - during my last sem in UP. Got a class from 5:30pm-7pm
[ ] Realized that there really is just one coconut tree on the sunken garden.

[ ✔] Not used up all 6 allowable absences.
[ ] Ate in ISSI, Treehouse, Mama Thai's and other more obscure cafeterias.
[✔] Ate food Aristocart-style.
[✔] Is active in your org/s.
[✔] Attended an ACLE.

[✔] Got as many app forms as you can during the job fair.
[✔] Learned how to cram.
[✔] Sold tickets for (or watched) an org-sponsored movie premiere.
[✔] Saved money to photocopy all of your seatmate's notes.
[] Had accidentally seen a make-out session.

[✔] Slept in class.
[✔] Finished a homework/assignment/paper in the Shopping center or Philcoa.
[ ] Had mountains of "unused" sample exams and/or old testaments.
[✔ ] Resolved to be "better this semester".
[ ] Slept during a test.

[✔] Had groupmates from hell.
[✔] Learned how to work with groupmates from hell.
[ ] Perfected the art of parking on campus.
[ ] Had a bad encounter with one of the guards on campus.
[ ] Developed a love for sisig even before UP.

[✔] Practiced those UP cheers in the first meeting for PE class.
[ ] Looked at microfilms in the library or poked through archives.
[✔] Reserved a classroom, AVR, etc. for a class or org function.
[✔] Attended the UP Fair.
[✔] Went to a library other than your own college's to research
[✔] Lost a perfectly functioning umbrella.
[✔] Used consultation hours properly.
[✔] Went to the Guidance Office for real, heart-to-heart guidance.
[✔] Went to the infirmary.
[ ] Attended class with a hangover.
[ ] Drink beer or alcohol while inside UP grounds.

[✔] Walked all the way to Philcoa or Katipunan from UP.-can't forget that!
[ ] Buy frogs from NSRI or a Bio department.
[ ] Maxed out on the 6 allowed unexcused absences but DID NOT drop.
[ ] Got invited or pursued by a sorority or fraternity.
[✔] Wore slippers to school.
[ ] Had a professor who smoked in class.
[ ] Got diagnosed by the Infirmary as pregnant or infected with STD.

Friday, September 18, 2009

"almost two weeks" notice

Ako ay nagbalik...hahahaha

Matagal-tagal din ako hindi nakapag-post dito. Muntik na umabot sa dalawang linggo. Pero sa loob ng maraming araw na yon, ano bang ginawa ko? Hmmm... Bukod sa busy-busyhan sa trabaho, nagbasa-basa rin ako ng blog ng ibang tao, gaya ng blog ni Jim Paredes, Jessica Zafra, ng aking kaibigan na si Chevy at RC at ng isang Spanish expat (?) na si Manolo Perez. Nakakalungkot lang dahil naka-block na ata dito sa office yung site ni Jim Paredes. Magaganda pa naman at masarap basahin ang mga post niya dun kahit na nabasa ko na sa The Philippine Star.
Pero ngayon naaliw ako sa official blog ni Jessica Zafra. Ang dami na kasi niyang post at followers. Nakakaaliw.=)
Sana kasing-galing niya ako magsulat at kasing-ganda ng blog niya yung akin.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

reporter's block

If there's what we call writer's block, then for me, there is "reporter's block."

[Topic! Topic! I need a topic!]

My French class requires each one of us to present a topic in front of the class, any topic that we would like to speak about. Of course, there are conditions: 1). the topic should interest us, 2). it should interest the listeners.

The second condition is the thing that occupies most of my mind for the past days.

What topic would interest two Filipino senior citizens, one Spanish lady in her early twenties, 2 Americans in their mid-twenties, and a French professor in his 30s?

The first topic that occupied my mind is the story of Anne Frank. Maybe because I was just fresh from watching La Vita e Bella which tells of the Nazi occupation in Italy. But I doubt that I know more about it than my listeners, since the majority seem to be older than me. Of course, they know a lot about it [history books, movies, reads].

And then the second one is "Blogs as a literature." But I'm an amateur in the world of blogging so I may not know much about it and I haven't tried blog-hopping. Moreover, I think I have to have a position in that topic and it will be hard for me to defend that in French.
[Ooops... I forgot to tell that we'll be reporting the topic in French.]

Next is Sudoku, but I'm not good at playing it, therefore I might not sound credible.

Then the next one is talking about platypuses. I found those animals interesting and weird so it must be fun to talk about it. But then again, it's weird to talk about platypuses! They might give me an odd look. And if I talk about it, the words that describe it in French are really hard to pronounce. But I want to talk about it but it's really weird.

I'm searching for a topic that would engage the people in those age groups and topic that would stimulate thinking.


Goodluck to me on Saturday.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ilan pa sa ginawa ko gamit ang MS Paint.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eto ang artworks sa MS Paint ng isang taong frustrated maging graphic artist at sabik na sa Adobe Photoshop.
Sobrang masaya talaga ako kapag ako'y nag-dodrowing, gumagawa ng poster sa Photoshop, nagpipinta ng kung anu-ano sa MS Paint. Eto na ata ang future ko.hahaha
Sa totoo lang, gusto ko talaga kumuha ng course on Multimedia Arts o kaya naman mag-apply dun sa mga maliliit na shops na gumagawa ng mga banner kapag birthday party ng mga bata o kaya yung tiga-gawa ng souvenir designs sa binyag, kasal etc. Ang chaka kasi nung mga nakikita ko..hahahaha [ang salbahe ko]
Kaya nga lang, kulang sa time at sa pera. Ah bahala na, sabi nga nila, "Kung gusto, may paraan, kung ayaw, may dahilan." In the meantime, pagbubutihin ko na muna ang MS Paint skills ko.