Thursday, September 3, 2009

reporter's block

If there's what we call writer's block, then for me, there is "reporter's block."

[Topic! Topic! I need a topic!]

My French class requires each one of us to present a topic in front of the class, any topic that we would like to speak about. Of course, there are conditions: 1). the topic should interest us, 2). it should interest the listeners.

The second condition is the thing that occupies most of my mind for the past days.

What topic would interest two Filipino senior citizens, one Spanish lady in her early twenties, 2 Americans in their mid-twenties, and a French professor in his 30s?

The first topic that occupied my mind is the story of Anne Frank. Maybe because I was just fresh from watching La Vita e Bella which tells of the Nazi occupation in Italy. But I doubt that I know more about it than my listeners, since the majority seem to be older than me. Of course, they know a lot about it [history books, movies, reads].

And then the second one is "Blogs as a literature." But I'm an amateur in the world of blogging so I may not know much about it and I haven't tried blog-hopping. Moreover, I think I have to have a position in that topic and it will be hard for me to defend that in French.
[Ooops... I forgot to tell that we'll be reporting the topic in French.]

Next is Sudoku, but I'm not good at playing it, therefore I might not sound credible.

Then the next one is talking about platypuses. I found those animals interesting and weird so it must be fun to talk about it. But then again, it's weird to talk about platypuses! They might give me an odd look. And if I talk about it, the words that describe it in French are really hard to pronounce. But I want to talk about it but it's really weird.

I'm searching for a topic that would engage the people in those age groups and topic that would stimulate thinking.


Goodluck to me on Saturday.

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