Sunday, October 14, 2012


"Never think that you don't deserve to be here. Only those who doesn't deserve to be here are those who doesn't understand what it means to be in UP.

Being in UP means having to become extraordinary... And by extraordinary, we mean not having a GWA of 1. We do not mean perfecting your exams... By extraordinary, we mean, never giving up.

There will come a time that there will be walls against you and your dreams... Climb on it! Dig underneath it! Walk around it! Push through it!

Lastly, I know in a few years, you will forget to solve for parabolas or functions... But I will be proud as a teacher... When you walk out from this class at least you have learned to have courage, persistence, and strength to never giving up and keep fighting.

Grades are just numbers.

If it is worth dreaming of, then it is worth fighting for, and when it is worth fighting for, it is worth suffering through."

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