Monday, October 1, 2012


I have never been this excited for sembreak to come. The stress of working while studying makes me tired and long for some time-off. I have missed a lot of night-outs, concerts, movies and reunions because of my work and study load. Unfortunately, the coming sembreak will only be for two weeks. I have thought of a multitude of things to do while on a break. I do not know if I can do all of them since they are a lot. Nevertheless, I decided to list them so that I won't forget:

  • Finish "A History of the World" by Marvin Perry.
  • Read more on investing and mutual funds.
  • Read on International Law and IR theories (assuming that I will pass this semester).
  • Update wardrobe! (^_^)
  • Research about Methods of Research.
  • Declutter my closets, cabinets and e-mail. 
  • Do a movie marathon.
  • Exercise!
  • Make the most out of the sembreak! Haha
I hope I can accomplish them all. :)

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