Tuesday, October 20, 2009

let go and let live

Today, I learned a very important lesson. That is to let go and let live.

I used to be a control freak. I always want to have a control on things, and sadly but not frequently, on people. I always want to make sure that everything is alright and everything and everyone goes according to my plan. I hate anything unpredictable. I hate guessing what's next.

I do not know why I came up to be like that. Perhaps, that is one of the most common "first-born syndromes". It felt like the responsibility of keeping things smooth-sailing in the long-run is on me which might be a source of my early years-frustrations.

But just this afternoon, I learned to breathe and relax. I realized that I need to let people as they are (well, of course, not those Filipinos who contribute to the detriment of our country), the things important to them and should not be imposing on others. I need to care for what others may feel and treat everyone as fragile as they can be.

To be peaceful, it is a must to let others be in peace, just like letting a loved one who passed away not to worry about our feelings and accept that they are gone. To enjoy life, I must accept ambiguities and of course, other people's decisions for their OWN lives just like how they have accepted my decisions.

And for this, I express my gratitude to my youngest sister for making me realize what have I been missing in my life.

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