Thursday, October 29, 2009

on books & reading

Quote for the day:

"Being busy does not necessarily mean you are making progress. Take time to think about your goals in life. Is what you are doing contributing to reaching your goal? Think about it."

- from May's Facebook status message

The office pantry suddenly looked like a bookstore when I arrived this evening. There is a Scholastic book sale (which seems to be more appropriate in an elementary school lobby), which sells books ranging from Twilight to Pride & Prejudice.

I was thinking of buying Great Expectations by Charles Dickens or Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, or rather the "second" book of Lois Lowry. However, our bookshelves suddenly flashed into my thoughts. I imagined those pocketbooks in our bookshelves shrieking and crying out to me, vying for my attention. They want me to finish them first before buying a new one.

Alice Through the Looking Glass: Hey, you have begun reading me but did not finish me! You're done with Alice in Wonderland but how about me?
Cane River: I was a gift to you by a friend two years ago. On my front cover, it tells you that I am an award-winning book so I am worth reading.
The Joy Luck Club: You have already checked out the reviews about me and asked your bookworm friends if I am a good book or not. They all gave a positive response. So what are you waiting for? Start reading me now!
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: You were amazed by the movie right? Why not try the book? You know what people say, the book is better than the movie.
A Christmas Carol: Psst! Christmas is near, what a timely reading I sure am!
A former officemate once told me to go back to reading if I have time. He mentioned book titles that are really great and are worth reading. He read those when he was just in highschool.
Unfortunately, I have not read any of those he had mentioned. Why? Aside from lack of time, I was just oriented into reading novels when I wast in my last years in highschool, around 3rd year to fourth year. The Cleverest Person in the World by Norman Whitney, I think, was the first novel that I had read. It was really a fun read. Since then, I got into reading novels.
I hope to have more time reading (or is it just a matter of time management?) & it would be an achievement if I could widen the range of my leisure reading materials and not just stick to famous novels, Reader's Digest and Sunday bulletin. And it would be terrific if I can read fast so I can read more books, moreover, a very retentive memory to remember all that I have read and the wonderful worlds where I was once in.

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