Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another semester, another chance

The first two weeks of November signaled the start of the second semester. I was glad that the first sem was over and I unbelievably got through it with flying colors. I hope that that achievement will repeat this current sem.

I am satisfied with the courses I took, though they look more demanding (knock on wood). But I know that I can do it (think positive!). I'll just have to reduce the amount of time I spend lingering in Facebook and Twitter. As my theory professor said, "Facebook is dangerous for graduate students."

Well, I think the sem break got me enough Facebook rush that I need, that's why I was not able to do the tasks that I should have done during the break.Ha ha! First of all, I was not able to finish that Marvin Perry book, though I finished "Flipped". I'll write a review on that later. I failed to do the other sem break tasks that involved reading. Ok, so what does that say?

Nevertheless, it seemed to me that my experience during the first semester of grad school changed me in a way that is very much helpful in the future. In work, I now try to finish a task as early as possible so that I can have more available time to read. I also read faster now. haha

Let's see what this second semester will bring. I know it will be a better one. :)

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  1. Good luck Ichan. Probably it's high time to de-activate? Haha