Friday, March 2, 2012


This morning, I received a bad news: second disappointment of the year. I wonder how many disappointments I will suffer throughout the year.

Ok, enough of the negative vibes. Good thing I already prepared myself for whatever that may come so I am not so much depressed. Yet, another hole was again left in my heart, though not so deep to the point that it will suck all my energies and love for life like a black hole.

For now, I will continue to hold on and chase my dreams. I will continue to believe that once a door closes, two windows open. haha I will continue to be on lookout for more opportunities to improve myself. I will continue to have faith. 


  1. Dear Ichaness, opportunities don't end on a door that closed on you. Look ahead. See those windows of chances abound? :D

  2. Salamat Nickson! You made my day. :D