Friday, March 16, 2012

Progress Report

We are near the end of the first quarter of 2012. From time to time, I look at my wishlist for 2012 and see if I already made some progress. My goal is to achieve at least one of them this year, considering that some of them might take some years to materialize. The wishlist also serves as my guide on how should I move my life or what endeavors should I delve myself into for this year.

I recently acquired the habit of listing my daily expenses in a journal. The aim is to monitor where my money is going and what expenses I can cut short, to be able to save more and eventually invest. It can be taxing at times, but when you think of it, you do not solely gain control of your money, but you also train your memory by recalling how your day went in terms of spending. Listing expenses will also help someone to avoid unmindful spending, which can cause damage to one's wallet.

I hope to read more about managing one's finances in the coming weeks. Likewise, I should learn first some investment lingo before jumping into the investing bandwagon. I want to take the process slowly but surely.

Referring to the 2012 Wishlist, I hope to read at least 30 books within the year. So far, I have finished "Who moved my cheese?" (review - to follow). Currently, I spend my idle moment at the MRT reading "12 Little Things Every Filipino can do to Help our Country" by Alex Lacson. It's a small book though I have not finished it yet. I try not to finish it for the sake of finishing it. I hope to enliven the tasks suggested by Mr. Lacson, and consequently make it a habit.

Looking at it makes me say "what a slow progress?!" hehe Well, I should read some more and manage my time well. Or should I enroll in a speed reading class?

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