Friday, December 10, 2010

The trials of today are stepping stones to a brighter tomorrow

Shit happens.

That's the truth I realized outside school.

In the University, everything seem to be carefree, everything seem to be so fine. After school and after I started working, I came to discover the said cruel world. I came to see cruel people can be. I was so naive that I always believed in the goodness of the human beings' heart.

However, that belief failed me.

Nevertheless, I learned, and those in-your-face situations that showed me how mankind is and how much more effort should I give in to toughening up myself are, believe it or not, gifts from God. I see them as the little stones that God throws at me to serve as my guide towards the dream that He has for me. It's as if I am Gretel and He's the Hansel walking by my side while throwing stones to the ground so that I would not lose my way.

Amidst those difficulties and situations that my belief in the goodness of people failed me, I pray that the Lord give me a strong heart, that He make me more assertive in dealing with others and that hopefully, I will not lose this single string that maintains my urge to largely help the people of my country in the future.


Hay... For the moment, I can just conclude that writing and pouring out my true feelings can be a great stress reliever.

Happy weekend.

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