Wednesday, January 4, 2012

12 for 2012

As they always say, New Year is the time for new beginnings. For some, New Year is also a perfect excuse to be sentimental (hehe) – to reevaluate the achievements and failures in the past year and set goals for the present year.  For me, 2012 is an auspicious time to have fresh perspectives and to develop myself. It will also be a time for bigger dreams and accomplishments. I have listed below 12 wishes (or dreams) that I hope would not continue to be just wishes. On December 2012 (which I hope would not be the month when the world ends), I’ll check if all of them came true. J

1.       To conquer the 2012 FSO Exams – Well this one is a WISH, haha. I do not even know if I am already prepared for it. A lot of things impede me from progressing in my review, like my own will. But this is my dream. To pass the exam would mean cloud nine for me, and of course, to serve the Filipino people can really be rewarding. But I know that I have to sacrifice a multitude of my leisure time to succeed in this endeavor, which signifies less time in front of the TV and more time reading books and newspapers. I am even thinking of attending a review class in Ateneo, which seems to be very helpful not only for the exam but also for my post-graduate degree plans. I need something that will force me to study. God help me do this. Aja!

2.       To have my Master’s degree abroad – achieving this will be “the moment”, the “this is it” of my academic life, the climax of my biopic. Enough said. haha

3.       To have the house of our own – last new year’s eve, our family promised that 2011 will be the last year we’re living in the place we have now and we’ll be looking for a larger place, enough to keep us dignified and relaxed. Since our present place is very small and located in a not-so-good neighborhood, I plan to really scout for houses that my budget (plus loans) can afford, something that we can call a house of our own. I pray that this is the year that God will grant us this lifelong wish.

4.       To invest – I recently read articles on mutual funds and other types of investment products. Luckily, I found a blog about facts on investing in the Philippines, which is very much comprehensive. I would like to start investing as soon as possible, and I feel that 2012 is the right time.

5.       To learn the piano or the violin – I once did a career exam at UP, which yielded a quite surprising result. It said that I am suited at being a music teacher. How can I be someone like that if I don’t know any musical instrument? I am not that good in singing too. So I decided that this year, I must fulfill the exam’s destined career for me. hehe No, I would just learn an instrument. Of course, little by little, and who knows, maybe it is really my fate to be a music teacher.

6.       To have a photo published in a magazine or a periodical – you are mistaken if you think I am vain enough to submit a photo of myself for massive publishing. Recently, I am into taking photos (I don’t want to call it photography since I am just starting and I just use a simple point-and-shoot camera) I only want to have a photo taken by me be published in some glossy magazine page or in a periodical of national circulation (e.g. “Picture Perfect” section of Manila Bulletin).     

7.       To have my written article be published – may it be Youngblood of PDI or Reader’s Digest. Haha But first, I will have to shed tears and blood to come up with a publication-worthy article.

8.       To travel – enough of being afraid to explore new grounds. I should have some backpack experience this year, be it within the country, asia or Europe, with friends, family or with myself. Naks!

9.       To read at least 30 books – be it fiction/non-fiction novels, self-help books, political and economic books. I must be Ninoy Aquino-ish this year.

10.   To lose at least 5 kilos – maybe I’ll hit the gym this year, or continue to have a weekly jog at UP or just minimize my food intake. I MUST LOSE WEIGHT!

11.   Be more generous, helpful and loving as a person – sometimes, being a goody-goody can get someone into trouble, but I believe in “you sow what you reap” kind of mantra. Being a good person can also make someone beautiful, not only on the inside, but also on the physical looks. I believe that being good to other people can reflect on someone’s physical appearance. But more than that, it is the act of being good that sends feelings of contentment and happiness.

12.   Have a more personal relationship with God – lately, I only talk to Him when I need help or when I thank Him for the blessings I have received. I should share more with him and tell Him my daily thoughts and aspirations.

2012 please bear with me and be considerate enough so that I can accomplish all those mentioned above. J


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