Friday, May 2, 2014

Like the sunflowers

For some people, sunflowers symbolize the end of a four-year toil. Its blossoming signals the beginning of a different journey, of a new chapter. This year's sunflowers are special to me, as much as to the recent graduates of UP Diliman. Like the graduating students, I see these beautiful creatures of nature as a welcome to the new stage that I will be going through in my life and the end of a four-year journey. Their majestic display is just in time to celebrate a chance to a new beginning and greater opportunities. 

Like the sunflowers, I hope that my next job will blossom into something splendid and memorable. Like the sunflowers, whose cultivation may take an effort, I pray that this new point in my life will present to me worthy challenges and opportunities that will let me grow as a strong and smart woman. Like the sunflowers, which I wait in anxious anticipation every year, I hope that this new chapter will be wholeheartedly welcomed by the people I love and that they will support me towards my journey into full bloom.

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