Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another year for chances

It's my 22nd birthday! Yey!
It's time to act maturely and enough of kiddie stuffs. Will that mean that I will have to say goodbye to Spongebob? hahahaha
But seriously, I believe that from now on, I should be more serious with life, not that I will laugh less or not to tell jokes, but to really pursue any goal that I have, with the utmost effort I can.
Lately, I thought that I was having what they call "quarter-life crisis", a phenomenon experienced by the twenty-ish people, who after university and after winning a satisfactory job, is confronted with some emotional difficulties. I've learned from Wikipedia that I am not alone and the quarter-life crisis is not uncommon in our age bracket.
Also, from now on, I hope to be more "showy" with my feelings and be grateful for all the blessings given to me. I believe that an attitude of gratitude will help me to be a happier person and the habit of truthfully showing my feelings to the people I love will make them happier, I hope. ;)

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