Thursday, January 27, 2011

Resolutions? "Why not Daily Resolve"?

Browsing through my blog, I found this article I've written almost a year ago. Sadly, I have not lived up to all the resolutions I wrote before. The worse part, I don't remember writing themm and I have "violated" a majority.

January 2011 is in its final days. Remarkably, I did not make any New Year's resolution as I used to do for every year. One, it will make you feel frustrated after a year; two, I forget them most of the time. Instead, I would like to call them "Daily Resolve" (as advised by Mr. Francis J. Kong, columnist, The Philippine Star). That means, I would list a "New Year's Resolution" everyday. Tough task, eh? Maybe, but I strongly believe that it will save from the humiliating thought of being frustrated with myself and putting all my effort into just less than ten resolutions per year. Promise, I will not forget them. A post-it will bring a lot of help for this one!

Fortunately, I can proudly say that I achieved the last one on the list. And I plan to do it again throughout 2011!

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