Thursday, May 20, 2010

poodles, noodles, doodles

I once saw a book in a second-hand bookshop that contains doodles of the former presidents of USA compiled by this certain person (he/she must be formerly working in the White House), wherein I discovered that Ronald Raegan has a talent in drawing. I did not really read what the person who compiled it has to say on those doodles. I was just simply amazed that some really great people made some terrible drawings (hehe.>=D).

It's fascinating that some other people are interested in someone's doodles. Even if they don't have a crush on you, they are still intrigued by what you draw/write if there's a spare time or if you are bored. That's what fame and prestige can do. Or am I talking about psychologists eager to analyze a person through their doodles?

So, to facilitate the work of that certain person in compiling my doodles if ever I become rich and famous, here it is, posted in my blog. I hope it can help him/her so that she won't be rummaging through all my notebooks from elementary to college, my scratch papers in the office and at home.

Whoever you are, I have one message to you: Wake me up!

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